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  1. Hello Everyone! I am a pre-nursing student and I was just offered my first job at a hospital. I am extremely excited, and nervous. I am leaving a job that pays me better than what I will be making at the hospital, but I feel that it's the right move for my career.

    Anyways, I had to fill out this pre-employment health history form that was six pages long. It asked some questions, and made statements like "I do not have sinus headaches" (worded very confusing to me when choosing YES or No Answers. I would like to think I am smarter than a 5th grader, but I am feeling as though I may not be ). You were to say, YES or No and give an explaination for YES answers.

    So, I filled it out, submitted it and am now waiting for a call from the Nurse at the EE Health Clinic after they review it. Then they'll sched. me for the a face to face meeting.

    So.... I'm curious. What's this all about? I'm nervous. I am healthy and don't foresee any issues, but it makes me nervous! Especially since I gave my current employer notice, and this health evaluation will cause you not to be hired (I was offered the job and accepted) if you fail.
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  3. by   liquidblue
    Wow, I'm surprised you had to fill out such a lengthy history form. I think mine was maybe two pages. Our pre-employment health screening was basically a meeting with the employee health nurse to determine that we were fit to do the job for which we were hired.

    They checked my immunization records, vital signs, did a urine drug screen, and reviewed my health history form.

    It was pretty simple, really. All of my info and immunization records were as they should be, so I did not even have to get poked!
  4. by   loricatus
    In addition to what liquidblue said, you may get a ppd test and come back for a reading, have titers drawn, get a basic examination (vitals, touch toes to see if you have a back problem, color blindness test, etc). Nothing to worry about because they would like to see you employed. Good Luck with your new job.
  5. by   EmmaG
    Those questions might have been regarding respirator fit-testing. They're required to ask about certain conditions prior to fitting, and assess any positive responses given.