Post-bariatric surgery nightmare! - page 2

Help! Help! Help! Has anyone heard of anyone "changing" so dramatically after having a gastric bypass? I feel like I am living a nightmare because my family member is 2 years post-op. He went from... Read More

  1. by   nursel56
    Poor guy. It must be really hard for him and his family to see what was supposed to be a turning point for the positive turn into his life crumbling to bits. I hope his doctor recommends rehab if he's a full-fledged alcoholic. I'm not saying rehab is the pat answer for everything, it isn't, but until he gets control of his addiction, the job and family problems will continue to spiral out of control, and the good ones will help him get a good look at what might be triggering all this. Any suicidal talk has to be taken seriously. Know from experience with a friend. I know you mean well with the worry over atheism, but a lot of depressed people feel even worse when others bring it up. I hope he gets on the road to true healing.
  2. by   classicdame
    this is why our bariatric surgeon INSISTS on psych profile before surgery. There is a reason people over-eat to begin with. Those reasons do not go away after surgery. People may replace food with other substances. This guy needs professional help to get past the issues that caused the morbid obesity in the first place.