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I am tired of seeing such negative threads!! I have an idea...:idea: Let's talk about the positive side of nursing! :nurse: Can anyone say what is the best part of nursing? Why get into the... Read More

  1. by   epiphany
    Quote from rafael80
    wow!!!!! people like you are what make me want to be an RN. you have really inspired me with your response cause i feel just like you. All I hope for is that i get accepted into our RN program and make it through.
    Thank YOU. Your response means a lot to me. It means I'm not some scraggly old hag following the sound of my own distant drums. I'll cross my fingers for you getting into the program.
  2. by   angel337
    there are alot of positive things about the nursing profession, but i think it's hard for some people to acknowledge them because they have not been in the shoes of many of their patients. people are people, and everyday that i work i remind myself that i could be the one lying in that hospital bed. this mentality keeps me in check and encourages me to be empathetic to even the most difficult patient. do i agree with some of the negative sides of nursing? sure i do. but if the day ever comes that i hate this profession, i will leave because patients deserve better.