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Hi, I am a nursing student and start clinicals next May. I decided to volunteer at my local hospital to get some experience. In order to volunteer I had to have a PPD test. My test was... Read More

  1. by   darkbeauty
    I would take the person's word if they have tested positive for a PPD before, but would certainly insist on a chest xray. Employers just need a confirmation that they are not exposing other workers to an active TB person, and a PPD does not necessarily prove that, they would still need further assessment anyway.
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    I will try to remember to bring home the information I have regarding repeating a PPD even after a positive result so that we can compare references, and I'll ask at work. PPDs are a basic requirement for our pregnant patients, and if they report to me that they had a positive one, they were told not to do another one, I don't force them, I document their statement, inform them that they should try and obtain records and to speak to the provider on their next visit. Those that don't argue, I do it. I have not seen an extreme reaction yet, but this needs to be discussed at work.

    I learned to do PPDs at work, it was not discussed at all in my nursing program. I have a friend, however, who went to an inservice for the department of health and it seems that we did not use the proper protocol when implanting them...she told me that after we administer, we are supposed to measure the bleb immediately, document that, so that it would be compared when they return in 48-72 hours. So much for receiving correct information from Staff Ed. And, LPNs are not allowed to say if it is 'positive' or 'negative', we are supposed to document the size of the induration, ask about symptoms (at least I do, anyhow), and then report it. I might actually order a PPD lesson from the CDC because it seems that we are not being taught properly.