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  1. I recently was considered as a Paramedic RN to supplement my FT RN income and haven't really got into specifics regarding wages with the hiring manager. The reason I originally applied for the position was because a RN friend told me that this company paid very well for PT exams for insurance companies. I was wondering if anyone here works for a Portamedic firm and could give me some insight of how much per exam I would expect and if it is good income. I've done some research and some say it's wonderful if you can get a position, while others say the paperwork, etc isn't worth the salary. However, I have been told that some insurance companies pay up to $150 per exam and in my area I could be doing up to 10-20 exams per week PT which is VERY good 'supplement' income. If someone could please give me some insight on the Porta/Paramedical field I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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  3. by   medicrnohio
    I worked for APPS (a different paramedical company) for about 6 months. I loved the work but felt it was quite demanding for what I was paid. I spent a lot of time scheduling my exams and traveling. Many times I had to call people several times in order to get an exam scheduled. I was considered an independent contractor and therefore no taxes were taken from my check. Costs of your own include car insurance, gas, mileage, taxes, certain supplies. It is a great job though and maybe Portamedic pays more than APPS did. Just remember to keep records of your mileage and phone calls (long distance) for tax purposes. Good luck.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    I interviewed for a position with Portamedic in the DFW Tx area and after I did the math, figured the travel expenses, and all the paperwork demands.etc, the income was quite low compared to my nursing salary. Perhaps you are going to get paid better...if I recall the insurance exam paid 75 bucks here but to get work one had to travel and be extremely flexible, show up at the clint's house and nobody was home so you wasted a drive, had to reschedule. etc.

    While it sounded like a nice flexible part time position, it came nowhere near my nurse salary so I decided to return to part time hospital work. Good luck and hope it works out for you.
  5. by   jfpruitt
    Hello. Well, I called and got the scoop in my area/county from Portamedic. My 3 hr training will be next Friday 3/26 because she doesn't have a centrifuge until then to give me. I just had a long talk with her and she said, as of now, the caseload in my area would be around 20 exams per week at a percentage of 35% per company. Is that about what your getting? Which, for example, she said for Jeff Pilot insurance would be around $26 per exam which includes urine, blood and/or EKGs altogether. The current lady is doing 40 cases per week and they are hiring me to cover half her cases right now because she is pretty much covering 8 counties and I'd only be covering 1 or 2 at most. She said I didn't have to do 20 a week, but, would need at least someone to pick up the slack for 10 exams for this woman because 40 is too many for her. I guess I'm a little nervous about the phlebotomy part just because that is something I'm not really an expert in. However, she said only about half the exams require blood and that most of the time they are the healthy people with good veins and after some practice, I shouldn't have too much trouble. One good thing is that I live in town and most of my commuting hours/miles will be minimal. I would love to keep in touch and see how your exams and paychecks are going and if you think its going to be worth my efforts. Again, being in KY, it may be a totally different caseload and patient population than where you are at the moment. What other feedback have you heard from Portamedic or can give me about the company itself? Do you think % rates or flat rates are the better way to go?