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I just read one of my own posts & cringed when I discovered all of the misspelled words. Luckily we have an "edit" button. Yes, we're not in school. And yes, a post is not an essay. But the sloppy... Read More

  1. by   Jaydenc

    As a mother of four and trying to teach them to spell. Well, going to the teachers and saying "this is spelled incorrectly", was just not good enough. They're response was, "well we are not grading them on spelling, we are grading them on content". What kind of crap is that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   kmchugh
    OK, I have to chime in on this one. First off, let me say that on THIS board, I ignore spelling, grammer, etc errors, trying to concentrate on what the poster is saying. I view this as a board for nurses, but one that includes an international membership, and often is nothing more than social interaction. Some subjects, we get so passionate about we just let our fingers fly. As such, I just don't find it as important. Its the content I'm paying more attention to (to which I am paying attention). That said....

    The writing skills of some professionals, be they nurses, doctors, lawyers, etc is appalling. Professional (or student, for that matter) writing is just that: professional. As such, it should be neat, grammatically correct, and SPELLED correctly. While our teachers may now be grading for spelling, but for content, rest assured that much of the rest of the world is judging us based on our ability to write and to spell. It is how we must communicate professionally. Those who consider it unimportant, and who belittle those who do manage to write well are only doing themselves a disservice. Like it or not, how well we write, or how well we speak, is the first basis on which we are judged professionally. Speaking for myself, I'd rather not be hobbled right out of the gate.

    Kevin McHugh
  3. by   P_RN
    Kevin, De Oppresso Liber" (We Liberate the Oppressed).

    May your friend return soon.
  4. by   oramar
    I have a problem with being unable to see my errors on first exam. If I can come back in a little while I see them all right away. I don't know what causes that.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Brian's posted this info before:

    "If you use Internet Explorer, I would recommend trying

    I've had it installed for a while now, and it seems to work well the few times I have used it. Hope this helps. "

    Since I downloaded i spell, it works great as often typing too fast.
    I just click on icon and it checks content of post as long as I remember to do it before hitting reply button.

    Don't mind a few errors on BB, especially from guests outside US as it is a BB---not work or college.
  6. by   graysonret
    When you write something, whether here or elsewhere, you are presenting yourself...your ideas and thoughts. Poor spelling is a reflection on yourself. People tend to take less seriously, a message that has poor grammar and spelling. Better to look the word up than to be embarrassed.
  7. by   Nursie30
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Jaydenc

    As a mother of four and trying to teach them to spell. Well, going to the teachers and saying "this is spelled incorrectly", was just not good enough. They're response was, "well we are not grading them on spelling, we are grading them on content".

    When I need to orient a new employee to a position, of course I take note of wether or not they can read, write or spell. Charting is a major part of nursing. If it wasn't charted it wasn't done.

    Orient? Orientate
    They're? Their
    wether? whether

    Being a mother of a son that has a learning disability, I am finding it hard not to jump in here.
    He is 12 yrs old, and has struggled since 3rd grade. His IQ is 128, which is considered highly intelligent, if it was 130 he would be gifted.
    He has an LD with Written Expression. He knows the words, but when it comes to putting them down on paper, he gets mixed up, he can't put punctuation where it belongs....he can't figure out how to spell a word. He is in a program at school, where he doesn't get counted off for his spelling, and he never will. Nor his punctuation, because at this point he CAN'T do it. I don't know if he will ever be able to spell or punctuate. What I do know is, he is smarter than most of the kids in his class, he has a great sense of humor, and he has the potential to be ANYTHING that he wants to be.
    To imply that spelling is the single most important character of professionalism, is unprofessional to say the least.
    Most of the people that are posting, that they can't tolerate misspelled words, are misspelling words, and even misspelling the word MISSPELLING, for christs sake....
    This discussion is pure predjudice, and I CRINGED while reading it.........
  8. by   gwenith
    I am beginningto think it might be time to put this thread to bed.

    Just one last observation.

    Never confuse the term "professional" with "pseudo intellectual".
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  9. by   hogan4736
    just a thought...

    our children will never learn to spell well by using spellcheck, encourage dictionary usasge...

    discourage the use of calculators also (in our children)...they are destroying good math skills.

    just my 2c