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I have a question, I have been dx with Polycystic Ovaries and other than giving me medicine for the symptoms the doc really hasn't done much. Does anyone know anything about this problem? Any help... Read More

  1. by   txsugarlvn
    Hi ladies. It's nice to find someone who understands my feelings on this. My hubby and I have been without "protection" for 6 1/2 years and no go. Had pretty regular periods but they started stretching from 29 days to 31 then 35 days. Very heavy when I first starting cycling around the age of 12/13. Tremendous cramps. Figured I was just one of the unlucky ones with those terrible periods. Started taking the pill at the age of 17 (which was a dream because it changed my cramps, made me regular, and was very light!) but stopped when I got married. Every month I waited only to end up sobbing in the bathroom because I failed yet again to conceive. Finally saw a doc who sent me for a hysterosalpingiogram. By the way, I've been gaining weight steadily for years and couldn't not figure out why I couldn't take off more than 15 pounds no matter how much I exercised or how little I ate or how many diet pills I choked down. The HSG showed blocked tubes (i cried all the way home--i was devastated)
    Long story short, finally got the doc to do a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy on me in Aug of 2002. You know what she suggested when I discussed the surgery with her? "Maybe you should consider going IVF and avoid all the surgery". Hell no. I needed to know what was going on down there! Had the surgery and danced for joy (when I was up for it) because I thought YES THIS IS IT...WE ARE GOING TO GET PREGNANT. Nope.
    I had a cycle about a month after the surgery and then not another one until 54 days later. My last one was in November. Still waiting. I finally went to another ob/gyn who helped a friend of mine conceive and he immediately referred me to the fertility specialist (even called the office himself to set up the appt). Love that man. The fertility doc did a sonogram yesterday and lo and behold..you guessed PCOS! All those lovely little grapelike things hanging out on my ovaries. Explains the weight gain. The skin flair ups. So far no unusual hair growth. He's doing tons of labwork. Will put me on glucophage for the insulin resistance which he says is caused by the PCOS (although I am not diabetic). Started me on prenatals same day (i was taking otc but he said I needed prescription to get the full dose of folic acid) and set me up for an appt to start clomid. Also gave me lovely injection of Provera in my hip to get my cycle started. Should start any day. I've been cramping all day. Wow...that's an unfamiliar feeling. :roll
    Sorry for the long message. I know some of you aren't working on the infertility aspect but it's a comfort to know that I am not that unusual (at least in this aspect) and there is a support system available out there. God bless you all. I hope you all get the proper treatment and get this problem cleared up. Keep me posted!!
    I'm on my way to check out the websites y'all listed.
    Ps: I wish I could get my money back on all those packs of birth control pills!!!! :chuckle
  2. by   txsugarlvn
    Oops. Doc says Avandia not Glucophage.
  3. by   RN from OZ
    I also have PCOS.
    I was late starting my periods, Mum took me to the Dr at 15 and he said I should loose weight !
    Finally got them at 16 then would go years with out one.
    At 19 I went to see the Gp and they put me on the triphasil pill that did nothing...I still did not get a period.
    Then I went to the endocronoligist who Dx me, and put me on Dinne 35 a mixed pill of oestrogen and androcur. this worked for the male levels of testosterone I had and the hair loss and it's growth in unusual places untill I wanted to fall pregnant !
    I went through every thing clomid , insemination etc untill the IVF Dr put me on Metformin 500mg TDS I fell pregnant in the first cycle !....the old fashioned way ! I take it regularly now and fell with my second child no worries !
    I highly reccomend this Rx.
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Wow, I don't know how I missed this thread all these months! Yes, I am another for the PCOS statistic! Here's my story.... I was 14 before menarche, and cycles were always very irregular and heavy. At 16 I had gone for8 months without one, and went to see a GP. First visit to see her, first pelvic/pap.....she ALSO told me to lose weight, and put me on BCP's. Because of the side effects of them, I stopped taking them, and went back on them when 18 for a few months. Side effects again... stopped. Got pregnant, which at the time was ok, but at a very bad time... now I call it a miracle! I thank God every day for my kiddo, especially because after that I went on depo for a year, and 2 years later still hadn't had a cycle. Went to a OB/GYN for check up and trying to get preggers. Was told then that I "probably" had PCOS, and started on provera/clomid. Never heard anything about glucophage. Was on the regimen for 4 months, and stopped. without luck. 2 years later, had moved, went to another female GP who dx PCOS after I told her my history and she checked my testosterone level, which was as high as a mans! We discussed glucophage, but then I was also dx with hepatitis, so unfortunately for me, can't take it. I have since gotten divorced, so the fertility probs aren't an issue for me right now, but I would love to find a treatment to help me lose some of the weight that just seems to pile on, and the excess hair growth. Thank goodness I'm Blonde!
    Good luck to everyone with their battle with this "syndrome"!
  5. by   Jedav

    Just read your initial post and noted that you are on Paxil 20mgs...2 things...1)Is this dose working for you (on the low side of therapeutic) and 2) With weight being a concern, a serotonin based antidepressant might not be the best choice for you...I currently work for a pharmaceutical company and I know a great deal about antidep...If you see this and have other questions, feel free to PM me
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I was on paxil for a few months, and actually noticed minor weight loss. It caused a much lower appetite in me. I am just curious as to why SSRI's aren't good with "weight being a concern".... the last time I went on paxil I did not notice the lower appetite effect. I was also told that any dose over 20 mg would cause potential water retention and not be any more effective? I would love to hear more about this.
  7. by   Nurse Izzy
    ShandyLynn, I'm curious too as to why SSRIs aren't good with weight a concern? Jedav, maybe you can help us?
  8. by   Jedav
    This is by no means true " all of the time" ...However, serotonin related side effects can include weight gain...In their short term studies, some patients do lose wt. But in long term studies (52 weeks) pts can see wt GAIN...This is something seen across the board with psychiatrists in particular because unlike primary care md's, the psychs are treating long term...Don't get me wrong, Paxil is a great drug-but some pts do see wt gain and it might not be the FIRST choice for a pt who is already concerned about wt gain. From the data that I have read and been exposed to in the psych world, there are many theories as to why serotonin related antidep cause/are related to wt gain...one that I have heard is that with continued increase in sero levels, one has an increase in prolactin levels, which can lead to carb cravings= wt gain...The bottom line is that some pts see it clinically - I have seen anywhere from 5 to 40 lbs-there are other antidep that work equally well without the risk of wt gain and for some pts this makes more sense. Just my 2 cents
  9. by   BSNfromMCN
    I am shocked to see how many of us are here! Not because I ever really believed PCOS is rare, but that SOOO many people (read: doctors) have never heard of it!

    I was told at 13 that I had "lots of cysts" on my ovaries and not to worry about it until I wanted to have babies. Officially diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21. Since then have had 2 kids and am now 28.

    I am on Glucophage XR 500mg bid and Spironolactone (aldactone) 100 mg q day. Both have really helped with my symptoms.

    Also, for those who wondered about glucophage lowering blood sugars, I have always had severe reactive hypoglycemia and since being on the meds have not had 1 episode. It's unbelievable how much better I feel!

    obgyn.net has discussion boards including three that are strictly PCOS related, one for meds, one for diet and one general that are really helpful.

    Feel free to email me if you'd like more info about my experience. For anyone in the midwest, UIC actually has a PCOS center with several endocrinologists that are leading in research and treatment. Never been to them, but have heard lots of good stuff & my endo uses all their research in her practice.
  10. by   Marz
    Reading through all this is like dejavu...I have PCOS too...I was diagnosed when I was 17 and I just turned 23 last Sunday...so it's something I've been living with for a while...I currently take Glucophage, Spironolactone, Synthroid, Ortho Evra, and besides that calcium and folic acid supplements. I have to go to the Endocrinologist every 6 months and have extensive lab work and ultrasounds done just to monitor and stay on top of my condition.

    And while I also come to find out later I had a lot of the "classic symptoms" it took months for my doctors to figure out what I had until my mom insisted that I go to an Endocrinologist to figure it out and a few blood tests and ultrasound later my diagnoses came back at pco.

    My advice to you would be to do as much research and be as informed on it as you can be. Get to know the meds you are on and what's normal for your body. Visit some of the PCO websites out there...there's even conventions and support groups out there.

    Good Luck
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I stil haven't taken any clomid or glucophage. When I went to see the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) last summer, he said that I should try the clomid first. Gave me a script and everything. Never got it filled as I was leaving a job and starting another one in the next month so wanted to wait till I had enough vacay time. But, I got a period in October spontaneously and then another in December and another 34 days later in January of this year! That hasn't happened in a long time! I got two periods back to back like that!
    Now, I have new insurance so I have to find a new OB/GYN. I have gotten a few recommendations from co-workers just haven't gotten around to making an appointment yet. But this year I made a New Years Resolutin that I'm gonna get preggers. The RE in Cleveland that I saw last summer didn't seem to think that I'd have a problem conceiving once I took Clomid unless there's a problem on my husbands part as well, which I do not yet know as he hasn't had a sperm count done yet. We'l see.

    There's another webdite www.soulcysters.com that has a BB similar to this one that has a lot of information. Check it out!
  12. by   KaraLea
    Thanks for all the great information. I just today saw this tread again. I am still on the Paxil, didn't know about the possibility of wt gain with it though...I am also still taking Avandia and Diovan/HCTZ. I will write more later when I have more time. Thanks again...Kara
  13. by   Catsrule16
    I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 19. I'm now 43. No kids, but no big deal, I have borrowed ones.

    A few years ago I took part in a drug study that used a natural substance found in most citrus fruits with the exception of lemons and limes. The substance was called INISTOL. Sponsord by Insmed. This substance can be found in some multivitamins. Anyway, I took it for almost a year. While on it, I lost weight, and my periods became regular. The study went well but because the results were not as extensive as they wanted, the study was discontinued. Because I had success, I continue to look for this ingredient in the multivitamins I buy.

    The endocrinologists in the study diagnosed me with Hyperinsulinemia. My plasma insulin levels were tested when I had glucose tolerance tests. It was discovered that for the first 2 reading at 15 and 1 hour, the insulin levels responded appropriately. Every test after that, my insulin levels stayed high as my glucose levels dropped. Once I had to have an amp of dextrose 50% pushed by the 3rd hour. While taking the drug, my levels raised and lowered appropriately. That rebounding from a sugar high was awful.

    Since the study, while continuing the multivitamins with the Inistol in them, I also have adjustd my diet to include more protien to make my body use the insulin more efficiently. My periods have remained regular. Weight has been easier to lose. My diet is a modified protien diet. 40% protien, 30% carbs and 30% fats. I also eat 5 - 6 small meals a day and I always have a protien at breakfast. I also use the yellow sweetener, splenda.