Poll: What is the best way to request pay?

  1. I'll be going on job interviews for CNA so I can work while I attend Nursing School. My question is, do you recommend asking for a specific hourly pay or should you just take what you are offered? I want to be confident without being unreasonable. If they offer me a pay that I can't work for and I say "Sorry, I feel that I am worth more than that, call me if you change your mind." What are the chances that they will agree to my pay? I live in Mass, so if anyone knows what the pay is for CNA's please let me know.
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  3. by   ClariceS
    It is going to depend a lot on where you want to work. If in a hospital (where you will get the best range of experience) the pay rates are likely established by policy and they have to abide by that. Most nursing homes and home health agencies are the same way. It also depends on experience in the field. You can sometimes ask for more if you can show experience.

    Do ask if they have any bonuses like tuition reimbursement, sign on, travel, or moving reimbursement. Also make sure you ask about retirement and medical expense accounts. Sometimes these benefits can make up for slight variations in salary at different institutions.

    Good luck in nursing school. Working as a CNA will give you great experience and it will show as you work through your clinicals.
  4. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    I want to add that I do have 6 years experience in Nursing Homes, that was 12 years ago, and I made $6.00 an hour.
  5. by   res04lly
    It depends on the faulity and there pay scales. Here where i live a cna can make 10.00 to start. at the hosptial it is lower pay scale for both nurse's and cna's I guess what i would do is go to several different places and get their pay scales and then decide after your last interview which place pays the most and what place you like the best.I would also check to see if they have any programs that would help pay for your schooling while your interviewing. It is just a suggestion?