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hi! i'm planning to take the exam in las vegas ,nevada this month or april? i just want to know that is it difficult the nclex exam compare to california.or is it the same in nevada and california? i... Read More

  1. by   bergren
    There is a FAQ page at Drexel University:

    There is one passing score regardless of the state the test ws taken in. The National Council's Board of Directors reevaluates the passing standard every 3 years. This was last done in 2000 . "The same passing standard is used for all NCLEX candidates".

    The ability to pass the test increases with practice, which is why there are so many people out there making money on NCLEX test preparation. It is also probably why the persons who switched states for the thrid try probably did better. You can also buy an analysis of where you missed the most answers and some states allow you to actually reveiw your answers. Both of these opportunites require a fee. Reading the question correctly is imperative. There are free test sample items :

    Do a google search on NCLEX test prepration or sample questions and there are all kinds of links for those who need practice or help with test anxiety.

    According to the National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), as of March/April 2003, there may be an introduction of test items on the exam using "innovative formats." These test items (questions) might include multiple-choice items requiring selection of multiple responses; items asking for identification on a picture, graph or chart, or fill-in-the-blank test items.