Please work with me here.

  1. What the hell am I doing wrong.
    I'm sober and think aware. I posted a managerial article form a mag I get and don't even see it posted.
    What is going on?
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  3. by   Louie18
    Found the article and no opinions or is this a personal thing here.
    see me at
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Louie, I must speak on this one. Look, I find your posts very difficult to follow...they are often vague and tend to follow a flight-of-ideas format, making it difficult to discern what your point is, if anything. I guess that's my personal reason for not replying to your posts. It's not that I think you're a could I? I don't even understand what goes on in your head. I just, well, don't understand what it is you're getting at 99% of the time, okay?

    I'm not trying to be ugly, really....I just don't get you, Louie. You're very....abstract. Waaaaaaaaay over my head, I guess. Sorry.
  5. by   Louie18
    Thirty years as a nurse, and patient in most areas worked.
    Like wild, I worked 43 and understand the pools go global now.
    I will do my best to say just the facts.
    As stated on my profile
    I'm pro union and feel I have something to contriute.
    I am anti management as it is presented in this country, I believe we all work WITH each other and not for one another.
    Rebutt all you want but I see the capatalistic method becoming far to demanding on the average american. As our moneys shift from mid to poor AND rich.
    I guess what I'm trying to say and using too many words to say America is starting to suck as far as sharing the pie among ourselves. (the way I raised my family)
    I sit and watch "caring" being cast around like a bargaining element.
    Well you either care or you are in this life for the money.
    Those who care don't really care.
    Those chasing money, will never have enough.
    As those who care, care.
    (you know I've told my grandsons never eat a popsicle over this keyboard and I have created a sticky "h" and "s" thus far from popsicle juice)
  6. by   canoehead
    OK, I got that, and I agree completely.

    As far as nursing goes, we would be better off if the profit factor disappeared from health care. How about a legislation preventing health care facilities from being run on a "for profit" basis. It would solve a lot of our concerns. (Of course, the profit based companies would never allow it to pass, but...)