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  1. Help! does anyone out there know of any refresher courses that could possibly help me out with some nursing skills that I haven't used and lost. It's been awhile since I did anything hands on since the first position I got right when I got my license was an Administer Nursing position without the title. All I did was paperwork. Okay so I did TB tests and very minor woundcare----like lacerations. But where would that get me if I wanted to work in a hospital or even in pediatrics department of the hospital. Can someone enlighten me with some info. Pleeeeeease!!!
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    Hey refreshme!! Kudos to you for not wanting to just be some paper-pusher. Where I live, a lot of the community colleges offer 'RN refresher' courses. The hospitals where I've worked do the same thing. I've encountered several women on the units in the RN refresher courses, and they seem to be really pleased. Check out the comm. colleges that have ADN programs, and contact the human resources dept. at the hospitals. Good luck!

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    I remember one orientation way back when, (a job advertising "Acute Neuro," but was actually geriatric cva.)
    I was in orientation with a nurse who was preparing to go work 'Neonatel ICU."
    When I asked what she had done prior tho this, she said "Oh, I worked at a nursing home for 25 years."
    Wow, now was my chance, "What advice would you give someone just coming into nursing," I asked.
    "Don't work any job longer than 6 months until you find one you really enjoy."
    I have had 45 jobs since that day.
    I wonder how she did in ICU?

    Louie DuLac RN