Please note: New information in the "Author " column

  1. Many of you may have noticed that we recently made an upgrade to our BB. In the Author column of each post, it now includes the following info:

    Posts: <# of post by this user>
    From: < This is optional info that the user provided when they regisered >
    Registered: < date registered >

    I hope you enjoy this added information. If you would like to modify your information, visit:

    or click on the "profile" link on every page throughout the BB, then edit your info to your liking.

    Please feel free to leave your comments on this feature, whether you like or dislike it, we'd love to hear your feedback!

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Brian Short
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  3. by   ecb
    I really like the new info, it lets me know how active posters are here, and how their home relates to my home state.