Please help!(Psychiatric Nursing)

  1. I am a student currently going through my prerequisite and would like to KNOW the pay structure of a psychiatric nurse RN and a Staff Nurse RN.

    I plan to join the psychiatric health care and this will help me make better decisions.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   LPNtoRN1967
    I work as an LPN on a psych floor....soon to be an RN working on a psych floor.....the going rate i believe is 25.00 to start, the RN's on my floor recieve bonuses every 6mos also
  4. by   RNin2009
    Thank you so much LPN. I honestly have a great interest in the Psychiatric health care and have great ambitions to get my masters as I move up.

    I have so much to offer the lonely, destitute and those looking for hope.

    I salute all Nurses.
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    To my knowledge there is little or no difference between the pay scales - Since many psych facilities may be affiliated with a hospital, it's usually the same pay as any medical floor. A check of specific to your area may give you a better idea of whatever that going rate is.
  6. by   RNin2009
    Thank you NurseR
  7. by   skrnypa
    My experience has been that inpatient settings did not differentiate a pay scale for Med-Surg vs. Psych- it was the same. In outpatient settings however, mental health pay is LOW!