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im sorry if this thread is posted in the wrong forum. im just not thining clearly, i guess. i need any information of help i can get. short story version: im 18 and the condom broke and i dont... Read More

  1. by   catch33er
    How long ago was did the condom break? If it was very recently (within 5 days) you do not have to pay over $100 and get an ultrasound, you need emergency contraception, which can be given as Plan B. Plan B is a high dose of progesterone only and does not have as many side effects (nausea, etc.) as the other kinds of emergency contraception (Preven, etc.) It is also more effective in stopping conception from occurring...

    Your Planned Parenthood will help - there is a lot of confusion between the emergency contraception pills and the "abortion" pill. Go to Planned Parenthood's site ( and you'll find information about both emergency contraception and the "abortion" pill.

    (I'm just a nursing student, but I worked for over two years at Planned Parenthood).

    Good luck, Serena
  2. by   saccharin
    i went this morning to planned parenthood with my boyfriend and it much more simple than i thought it would be. i just had to fill out a couple questions and that was it. a very kind young nurse saw me within a couple minutes of me turning the form in. thats some service! anyhow, she was really nice and asnwered all my questions. she made me feel comfortable and safe. she totally made me want to get into nursing so much more now. and so did all of you. thank you for your help <3
  3. by   renerian
    Glad your feeling better.

  4. by   NursieRN
    Rachel, thank you for correcting my boo-boo! I don't know why
    I said "terminate", guess it's been a long time since I worked
    there. I apologize if I caused any confusion.

    Saccharin- I'm glad the appointment went well for you! I
    was thinking about you yesterday, and I'm happy it turned
    out ok.