Please Help Me Fast !!!

  1. I am male nurse from Zagreb, Croatia and temporaly I working in workgroup for changing nursing curriculum education program.

    I need help from you !

    I need description, goals, topics list and number of hours for Lecture (course) Management in Nursing for undergraduate education nurse program in UK or other European Union Country.

    Please can you help me, I hope so, you are educator.

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  3. by   P_RN

    I'm not in EU or the UK but here's where I went to school.
  4. by   karenG
    try the RCN website or south bank university- sorry not good at hyperlinks yet!

  5. by   imeejon
    These are the URLs for the UK sites KarenG mentioned.
    1)Royal College of Nursing-
    2)South Bank University-
    And here are two more,which between them should get you to all the universities which run nursing related programs.

    3)Nursing and Midwifery Admissions Service

    4)Universities and Colleges Admissions Services

    I realise you are not trying to get on a course! I am just including the last 2 sites because they are the only places I can think of which list all the places which have schools/deparments of nursing. you may have to search a bit,but you should be able to find online addresses for all.