Please Help! I Am Sooo Confused

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    i am a medical biller in nyc making somewhat of a decent living. my dream is to become an rn, but because of all the loop holes that are involved in entering the rn program through cuny, i have decided to go take the lpn route. i am applying to a couple of schools which i feel may accept me for fall 2007 . my dilemma is that they curriculum can only be completed during the day from 8-5pm. i am a single mother of two children being out work is not an option for me. i am thinking of taking the ekg and phlebotomy course to become certified as patient care tech, which i think may help my chances of finding an evening position. does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to find employment in these fields? i am really need to find a job that would enable mye to work later in the day or evening.
    thanks all:spin:
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I think finding a phlebo position would be easier than EKG tech. Another option would be a CNA.