Please help anybody

  1. My problem has nothing to do with nursing but I didn't know who else that I thought could help........If anyone knows of any way I can pull up info from or archives from a Michigan trial/newspaper articles on this or get any info please let me know........
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  3. by   P_RN
    Going to have to have more information.

    Do you know the litigants?..the newspaper?...the dates?...key words?

    Try this:
  4. by   nightingale
    the newspaper itself and see what they recommend... they probably have a website for archives with search words....

    Also the local public library may have a search department for archived information.....

    Good Luck to you....

  5. by   lvnmom
    Hi again.......I know the man charged and the dates, but don't know the newspaper or for sure that there was even anything in the paper.Here's the story:I just found an old friend in jail in Marenisco Mi. and I was looking for more details about what happenned.I know the states are diffrent but his story and the sentence don't add up..What happenned was an accident yet he sits in jail?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??