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  1. Hi all,
    I am very new in this site, but i hope i will find some help here.
    I am foreign nurse, from Ukraine who was working in ER for 10 years. I was started as nursing tech, took my LPN and i got my LPN license in one month. I passed my RN exam 1year and 4 month ago, and i still waiting for my license. As everyone know, before state board allow you to take exam they make verifications from your school. My verifications was checked FEW
    times, finally when i passed my RN, and i don't need to say, how difficult it was to study and working full time in emergency room, but i passed. Everyone from my emergency room was so proud of me, i really appreciate all help from my coworkers and all people who help me with review. But because of some "new" rules, i did not get my license, - state board need to verify my foreign license again... My school never got letters from state board, and i am in the middle of this situation. Even they already had all my transcript and diplomas before few times.
    I called more then 100 times to Albany, no answer, i called 100 times to Ukraine, spoke with director of my college, and funny part, she never got no letters, from state board. I called back to state board and got answer they had signature of letter, but not allow to tell me, because of confidentiality? I am really confuse.
    We are very short staff, and i really don't know what i can do to expedite this. If anybody know, please help me. Thank you in advance. God bless you all.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Marina, welcome to the forum. May I ask how you arrived in the US? Did you contract with an agency or a recruiter? If you did have you asked them for help? Have you talked with your hospital nursing department and asked for help?

    One thing might be that with the language differences your name or diploma might have been spelled incorrectly in the mail back and forth to your school.

    You are to be congratulated in passing the LPN and RN exams. I hope that you will find the help you need soon.
  4. by   leesonlpn
    dobray den marina. What a bureaucratic mix-up. Would immigrations be of any assistence? Could you have the letters from your college sent directly to you, and then you could send them registered mail to the state board?? My grandparents were from Kalush, near the carpathian mountains. I live in Canada, but I welcome you to your new country!!!Let us know what happens!!!
  5. by   Talino
    - state board need to verify my foreign license again...
    If above is the case, your school records are not the object in question but your license. Shouldn't you be getting in touch with the Professional Licensure authorities in Ukraine?

    My 2 cents.....don't stop corresponding to Albany until you get a straight answer. Keep writing/calling!!! But if not a cost factor... go to Albany and settle it personally.

    'hope your endeavors are fulfilled. Good luck!

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