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  1. Need some help here...
    I am a Plastic Surgery Nurse here in Texas, and have been in this field for about 15 years now. I love it.. I belong to the ASPSN....attended the meetings every year....get the latest on all the newest techniques...etc....etc....and make an average salary..( well its not that great..) and know just about everything that comes along in my specialty...I also did skin care with the last Plastic Surgeon I worked for.....
    We have a skin care specialist..(who is wonderful by the way and very knowledgable) who makes an incredable salary,does all the injecting of collagen, and makes commision off product. plus tips......And did not need a degree for this..
    It is difficult for me to understand, but I know times have changed.................We now have another girl in our office who will be finished with this short course, and have been offered a salary between 40-50 k plus commision to start as an Esthetician..............
    We all know how long it takes to get our degrees, and I guess I dont understand how Estheticians can do these procedures without the medical training that is needed.....or the license Maybe Im just jealous...What are your views?????
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  3. by   NancyRN
    I'm jealous too! I've been trying to break into plastic surgery since I became an RN 2 years ago. I have a special interest in plastics, having been on the recieving end after bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. I feel I have a lot to offer but can't break in. Maybe it's all these skin care specialists who are getting the jobs!
    I did get one shift thru an agency, sitting with a woman who'd just had a full face lift. To show you the attitude that prevails, the scheduler at the agency described my job to me: "you're just there to buff and puff the ladies." Sheeeesh!
  4. by   debbiedew
    You are right...There is alot of buff and puff, but I am good at that by now........... I just wondered if anyone else in plastics has wondered about this issue..???????........................Yes ...One of the pirks is rejuvenating the skin,botox,and getting rid of the redundant skin...Always something new...........Thanks for your reply..........Interesting.........
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Info re Estheticians in Texas obtained from google search:

    See:National Coalition of Esthetic & Related Professional Associations

    "A question was raised about the issue of recognizing estheticians in medical practice. An example was given about regulations in Texas, where a esthetician cannot be identified as being a 'licensed' esthetician in a medical practice, because an esthetician can only work in licensed cosmetological business. ....

    Nurse Scope of Practice Issue

    At this time, the Dermatology Nurses Association was not prepared to ask the NCEA for a formal statement regarding the reporting structure of estheticians working in medical practices. The concern had been raised by the DNA Representative at the AAD meeting in Washington, DC in March. In some states, the Nursing Scope of Practice requires that subordinates report to the Nurse, thereby leaving the nurse liable for their actions. As nurses have little or no knowledge of esthetician's scope of practice, further clarification needs to be made, if the esthetician should be clearly reporting directly to the physician and not the nurse.


    Very interesting reading! Who are the estheticians reporting to?? I 'd be VERY CLEAR and make sure who they are reporting to SPELLED OUT in you office P+P manual that they report to Doctors and NOT to the office nurses. ANY physican can extend to their emploees permission to perform ANY procedure UNLESS there is a state law against it, e.g. cannot have their staff identified as nurses unless licensed. EVERYONE is trying to get their practice it safe, are they educated to handle complications is it LEGAL!
  6. by   mattsmom81
    Interesting thread, Deb, Karen, and Nancy! I notice several nurses who advertise in the DFW paper for permanent cosmetics, etc. Bet that would be a fun and lucrative career for a nurse! I wonder if they take the esthetician course for this or learn via OJT at a doc's office? I could use a few tucks and lipos myself...LOL!