Pink Eye

  1. Hey does anyone know what usual policy is on returning to work after pink eye (conjunctivitis)? I was diagnosed with it wednesday evening, started Gentamycin eye drops eye is still red and blood shot mainly at the top.....not draining any green or yellow drng, just clear drng somewhat. And it is still itchy feeling in areas. Any help would be appreciated......
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  3. by   NicuGal
    Ours is 24-48 hours after gtts started...which is stupid because most of the time it is viral
  4. by   fedupnurse
    My nephews just had it. They had to be on the eye drops x24 hrs before they would be considred non-contagious. Hope you feel better, looks worse than it feels I hope!
  5. by   nursedawn67
    Actually for others to look at me it doesn't look bad now, it's all mainly under my top eyelid....just kinda itchy so that's annoying.

    I thought it was like 24-48 hours of being on eye drops that contagious period is considered over. I have to work tonight and have been on the drops 48 hours i should be good...i didn't want to miss work...can't afford it. I'm still taking precautions...OF COURSE
  6. by   Fgr8Out
    Don't forget to wash, wash, wash those lil hands!!