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i'm currently in my last semester as a pre-nursing student and i was just wondering-are most of you who are nurses and working in hospitals allowed to wear earring and are there any restrictions as... Read More

  1. by   Lacie
    Quote from casbeezgirlrn
    ok, i gotta say something whew...
    a few people on here mention age as if only the younger generation has tats and piercings??? nope.

    i know i'm not old but i'm not young either. i have 3 tats (2 on ankles and 1 on calf) and my belly pierced.

    i'm thinking about getting something else done too... i've only had one pt. make a very rude comment to me. she was mad at me for something , it was summer and i was wearing a skirt. she said "in my country, only street people have those things you have on your body. no man would have a woman like that" ha ha nice, huh?later i made sure and told my fiancee that he better leave me since i was deemed to be "no good and filthy".
    most of my other pt's seem to like them and even compliment on how pretty they are.
    lol, you tell 'em! i'm 50 with numerous piercings and tats. have a navel ring and others i wont mention. currently working on an full back cover also. i started getting piercings when i was in my 20's and tats in my 30's. it's not an age thing at all. come to the daytona area (biker heaven) and you'll see men and women in thier 70's with numerous tats/piercings during bikeweek. fortunately i havent had the weight gain or loss to distort any of my tats and they look just as good as the day i got them over the years.
  2. by   classicdame
    Our policy prohibits more than two earrings (male and female). No other body piercing should be visible, per policy. BTW, what you consider "not freaky" will be real freaky to someone else. I advise you to be ultraconservative in your appearance until you land a job and get to know the culture. Some things are just better done on your own time. Also, you will be working in a sick place - lots of germs.