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  1. I need some clarification. I have a bachelors in a non-nursing area. Cal State Dominguez Hills offers a program to receive a PHN certificate if you have a non-nursing degree. However, I was told by another PHN that in California there will be a new law that states all PHN's must have a BSN in order to practice as a PHN. I've tried to call schools and even the BRN about this and I cant get any answers. I need to know so I can start classes for either program this semester. Please help!
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    From the Calif. BRN

    Page 7
    Education/Licensing Committee January 10, 2003 clinical experience. Effective September 1, 2003, the Board shall only award PHN certificates to BSN graduates whose coursework in public health includes supervised clinical experience. ACTION: Approve Proposed Regulatory Change to Require Supervised Clinical Practice Experience to Qualify for Public Health Nursing Certificate MSC: Erickson/Morales-Board Public input: None
    In another part of this same site it says Excelsior degrees will not be accepted in CA to sit the NCLEX.
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    Thank you so much!!!! Now I know what to do.