Phlebotomy class?

  1. Does anyone know where there's a school in the Atlanta area that offers Phlebotomy certification?
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  3. by   jaratarRN
    I don't know specifically about the Atlanta area, but I would check into your local community colleges as well as the vocational school districts. I know here in Jersey they both offer programs. If you go to their websites you should probably be able to find something! You could even google Atlanta phlebotomy classes and maybe something will come up? Hope this helps!
  4. by   Tamch
    What is the best way to study for nursing exam? I always study the powerpoint and read the chapters. But the questions are always off the books.

    Any suggestions for different method of studying. I would very much appreciate any responses.

    Thank you
  5. by   MichelleB34
    Have you thought about forming a study group with some of your classmates? Also if you know any students that have taken your courses the previous year they might be able to recommend additional study tips.
  6. by   Tamch
    Thank you for thoughts!
  7. by   smushley76
    thank you!!