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  1. There is very little traffic in the diabetes educator section so I'll try here.

    I need to take my CDE test but I feel like I am lacking in the plethora of DM2 medications, there seems to be new ones daily.

    I have 2 DM1 kids with CGMs and pumps, so I am very comfortable with Type 1. I have checked online and most sites want a ridiculous amount of money for "CDE Boot Camps" (like $500-$900). I really just need to brush up on pharmacology (insulins I'm ok with but the GLP, SLP, etc I could use some help).

    Any help would be appreciated. Job interview tomorrow for adult educator (mostly pumps, but I need all to pass the CDE test)
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  3. by   beekee
    The American Diabetes Association has a ton of free CEs. Also, medscape offers free CEs. They have a whole section on diabetes and endocrinology. MyCME also has diabetes-related CEs. Just check the course information to make sure they have nursing credits, as some as geared to physicians. These are all free. The ADA has some that you can pay for too, if you chose to go that route.
  4. by   mmc51264
    Thank you! I need the information more than the hours, but i will definitely check those sites out