Personal appearance on job interviews (weird situation) - page 2

Alright, here goes. I had my wisdom teeth extracted about 4 weeks ago. They healed fine and I thought that was it. Recently I've developed swelling and some pain in the extraction site, probably... Read More

  1. by   cherrybreeze
    I agree to go and just explain the swelling (also, since you will only go with the surgeon's ok, mention that you have their permission, but just want them to know why you look like you do). I think it'll work in your favor not in that it'll speak for your perseverance, per say, but just that you'll stick out among the others; they are going to remember you, and that can be good!

    Best of luck!
  2. by   Jolie
    You can rest assured that the recruiter and manager will clearly remember which candidate you are!
  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Question for you guys related to the original question - the earliest I could get in to see my oral surgeon was 7:30A. My interview is at 9A, about 30 minutes away. Should I call the hospital I'm interviewing at and let them know that I'll be arriving possibly late ahead of time (and have cushion time in case it does run over) or just play it by ear and if I know that I'll be late, call before the interview time?
  4. by   Jolie
    I'd call ahead of time. Explain the nature of the delay, and no one will hold it against you. But the recruiter or manager may prefer to reschedule you to a later time so that they don't risk sitting around and waiting for you to arrive.