Perfect "STATE" survey two years in a row!!!!

  1. Duckie sighs with relief as once again our gang has done us proud!!! I know we're not really perfect BUT it sure makes me proud to know that all our hard work is noticed and we did so good in our survey. Pretty good for a facility that holds over 250 healthcare residents, plus assisted living, residental, townhouses and special care units. Now you know why I love my job!!!
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Congratulations, Duckie!! You guys are doing SOMETHING right--- it's quite an accomplishment these days to have a perfect survey, since the survey teams tend to come in like a bunch of cops trying to find evidence to convict somebody of a crime. (At least they do in Oregon, and if they don't find something, they'll make something up!) Keep up the good work..........your residents are very fortunate to have people like you caring for them.
  4. by   emily_mom
    Yay for the Duckster!!! I agree with mjlrn97 though....they always come in ready to convict....

  5. by   duckie
    One of the surveyors said to our head housekeeper, "We love coming in here, this place is a breeze!" Made my buttons pop with pride. We had several deaths occur while they were there and I personally think it would be impossible to watch our staff in action and not know all the love we have for our residents. They were watching interactions not just between staff and residents but staff and family. I am very proud of where I work, bet you didn't see that one coming ....huh?