Per Diem Status?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I have an interview for a job at a hospital on Thursday, and I just noticed on the job discription, near status it says Per Diem. I thought per diem meant money for travel or relocating, but that wouldn't make sense. I looked, and there are lots of RN jobs at this hospital with the same status. Anyone know what this means? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   theblondeone
    To work per diem means that you receive an hourly wage but no benefits usually. It also means you may not have a set schedule and are generally not promised hours such as minimum 36 or more a week. Depends on the facility, may be part time, full time or varying shifts.
  4. by   lsyorke
    Per diem means you work when you want. No benefits usually but a higher hourly rate. I only work per diem and do usually 3 days a week, but that schedule is up to me. We book a month in advance and work on the floors that are short regular staff.
  5. by   rn-jane
    i work perdiem at two different facilitites and love it! The rate is much higher than what i was making as fulltime, no benefits but i make my own schedule. no holidays or weekends if that's what i want.
  6. by   gwk
    per diem is awesome but not much good unless you dont need benefits and can afford to be cancelled if usually make a little more but are the first one cancelled if census is is great if you are not the primary breadwinner and if you can afford to do it it gives a lot of flexibility when you have kids and activities...make sure and check how many hours and how many holidays and weekends you owe them...and get it in writing..also clarify any floaTING COMMITTMENTS...I DO PER DIEM AND LOVE IT NOW THAT KIDS ARE GROWN i CAN TAKE A WEEK OFF ANY TIME i PLAN FOR IT wITHOUT NEEDING MANAGEMENT PERMISSION...GOOD LUCK... Whoops sorry caps got locked I wasnt bad...