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  1. I had an interview a week ago on Monday for a LPN per diem position with an agency that sends you to different facilities. I had originally applied for the job online a couple months ago and was in contact with the company. I had delayed my hiring process because I had to relocate to a different city within the same state. I went in for the interview Monday October 16th. I met with the recruiter/staffing coordinator. She had me fill out paperwork after asking me questions and reviewing my experience. I completed my drug test on Wednesday and all she had to do was contact my references which are aware they are my references. I am positive my drug test was clean. It has been a week and I have not heard back from the company. The woman had told me she was going to try to get me into work that same weekend. Today I sent her out an email stating I was following up and checking in to see if she needed any additional information. Still waiting for a response... Should I call the company? or should I wait to get contacted?... If they do not contact me why do you think they choose to do so if she stated I basically had the job? ... I am just confused and would like an answer. Appreciate any feedback in advance. Thank you.
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  3. by   PixieRN1
    If they drug tested you and had you fill out paperwork, that all sounds very good. For big organizations, a week isn't any time at all. I would let your email do it's work. If you haven't heard back in another week since the email, then calling would probably be appropriate.

    It sounds like you are in a good place; I think it's fine to hang tight.

    Keep us posted!
  4. by   NurseSpeedy
    Companies are not going to drug test you if they aren't planning on hiring you. It's an added expense. Heck, I worked for one that made us reimburse them for our background and drug screen with our first paycheck (if you failed either then they covered it). This same company was eager to get me started but was waiting on my references (small hospital being the holdup) that knew they were going to be contacted. It took almost a month.

    A couple years ago, when starting with a large hospital they used a third party to do background verification. Extremely thorough too. Took about three weeks for everything to clear but in the waiting period I was drug screened, HR processed on policies/procedures, and picture taken for my badge (which I was secretly doing the pee pee dance during because I thought the screening would be done first and I was holding it then for a few hours!). I guess since screenings were required for nursing school every quarter and I was just background checked to take my boards they figured as long as my employment history was accurate they were safe.

    In another week if you still don't hear anything it wouldn't hurt to call.