Pen Addict Question

  1. Hello, everyone:

    I want to know if there has been any progress on the allnurse pens. The pen addict thread is still going on, and it made me think...what is happening with them? Forgive my impatience (and fierce dedication to our allnurses home), but, I still desire to have a few AN pens. And, I thought of another suggestion on things to sell in the allnurses store...I just posted a question about how to obtain a tuberculin ruler...what about making one with the allnurses logo on it? Many clinic nurses need these things.

    Oh, and another thought...can we have a site dedicated to patient teaching material? I am really on a mad search for patient teaching material, simple enough for the 5th to 9th grade reading level. Can't really find much.

    I'm asking for a great deal, aren't I? Sorry to be demanding. I'm just searching for teaching material for the clinic I am currently cross training in. Much of the material we have has been copied so many times that the words and pics are no longer clear and some of the information is outdated.

    Thanks, guys!!dance:
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  3. by   eriksoln
    He, if we build a store, I want to sell the video games. I'll work electronics.
  4. by   MaryAnn_RN
    I'd love an Allnurses pen too
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    Oh, yes, my mind craves an allnurse contour pen (hint, guys...)