1. Hi, I already have a bachelor's degree and have been accepted into nursing school. I can not believe that the pell grant is not offered to anyone who gets accepted into a nursing program, especially with the shortage. Teachers certification is acceptable as far as receiving the pell grant after receiving a bachelors, but nursing is not? I just looked up pell grant information and it states that the grant is also available for people who have bachelors and want to go into a licensing program. Is nursing not a licensing program? It is absurd that the pell grant is not offered to anyone (owners of bachelors or higher degrees) going into nursing.
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  3. by   jhenderson7593
    Are there any grants out there for nursing besides the Pell?
  4. by   sbrn01
    I got a pell grant while in nursing school...idk... and I just finished bachelors in a different field too. so idk.
  5. by   koala_bear
    are you working? maybe your income makes you ineligible for the pell grant. not only should you be eligible for it if your income is low enough, your state should offer other scholarships and grants specifically for those in taking up nursing. what state are you in?
  6. by   hallcrest
    i am in the same boat - about to start nursing school here in little rock but i have a business degree - so no pell grants available. such a bummer.
  7. by   LauraLiz
    I'm still waiting to hear everything back from my pell grant application but as far as I know I am eligible. I do have an Associates already from another school, I hope that doesn't mess it up.
  8. by   nlion87
    If you received financial aid for your initial degre you would be eligible. However, if no financial aid received with initial degree you are ineligible. They penalize those who have a degree with no previous financial aid yet allow others go further into debt by letting them take out more loans. It's wierd and unfair, I know. I am in the same dilemma.