PEDS or Family Practice/Internal Medicine

  1. Hi. Long story short I got word that I am hired in a Peds office on a military base. I'm currently working as a float nurse between IM and FP. I sometimes float to surgical offices, OBGYN and hem/onc. I work for a major hospital system in my area now. The Peds office will allow me to take public transportation to work. My current job does not. Not sure what to do........
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    I'm not really sure what the question is.......

    Could you elaborate?
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    Sorry!! I'm trying to decide whether I should stay where I am now working in IM and FP or make the transition to Peds. I'm a LPN, in school to become an RN (one more pre req to go). I eventually want to be a nicu or an L&D nurse. I can stay where I am and transfer to another department in about 5 months. I just started my current job about a month ago. I'm happy where I am but will having Peds experience help with L&D? I love kids!! I was a unit secretary for Peds ICU before I became a nurse.
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    So, are both of these office positions? I don't think pediatric experience is going to get you into L & D. Help me out here!! There really isn't much pediatrics in L & D from what I remember and from what I have heard from younger nurses. To me the IM practice and FP would quantify you for more. You are entering the nursing world at a time of great flux and it seems with all the changes having some outpatient type service experience would give you the most options. FP and IM are both pretty broad and therefore would meet more "experience" requirements later on. Even though it seems every new nurse grad wants to get into the hospitals, the move to more out patient type services may put a cramp on jobs in the hospitals. Therefore the IM and FP might actually come into play more with out patient clinics etc.