Pediatric Urine Output

  1. Hello to all. I am a pediatric RN and I have a question regarding adequate urine output for renal perfusion. I always the rule of thumb of 1cc/kg/hr for calculating urine output at the end of my shift. My question is what about a 15 year old who weighs 75kg. Going by the pedi rule, the pt would have to void 900cc in a 12 hour shift. Going by the adult rule of 30cc/hr, 360cc worth of void in a shift would suffice. I realize 15 y/o is a child, but plenty of adults weigh 75kg. If I could get some opinions from other pedi nurses on what method they use for determining renal perfusion, weight or age? Thank you so much for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   curly73
    I have always used 0.5 - 1ml or cc/kg/hr to be a good range hope that helps you to calculate so if a 3kg baby then 1.5 - 3mls/kg/hr or in a 12hr span at 18-36mls, or for your 75kg person 38 - 75mls per hour or in a 12hr span then 450-900ml is adequate, of course assuming reasonable hydration and ongoing fluid supply

    hope it helps
  4. by   heathIam
    the 0.5mls/k/hr - 1ml/k/hr works for actual pediatric pateints but once you get into the teenagers who are adult sized you go by adult expectations. At our pediatric hospital anyone over 60 kgs is considered adult for parameters and drug doses......of course that assumes they are a healthy child of normal weight and height. However, suppose it were a 6 year old who was over 60 kg, then you would have to make concessions and perhaps some guidelines from the physician in charge of the patient to determine which standard they wished to follow
  5. by   TRINI40
    What is thenormal Urinary Output for a 17.1 kg 6 year old. Do I still go with 1-2 ml/kg/hr?
  6. by   labrador4122
    what about a 16kg girl who's output is 230ml in a 12hr period?

    is that normal output??
  7. by   labrador4122
    I did my calculations but I cannot make sense of it


    so I have no idea.

    I did and I came up with 32ml per hr, but that did not make sense to me.

    32ml/kg(16kg girl)/day

    I am doing clinicals at a dialysis center so I am just curious. if anyone knows, responses are welcome!
  8. by   labrador4122
    that's ok that no one responded. I figured it out

    this is it for anyone else that is interested in these types of problems:

    Normal urine output is:
    A. Infant: 2-3 ml/kg/hr
    B. Toddler/preschooler: 2 ml/kg/hr
    C. School-age child: 1 - 2cc/kg/hr
    D. Adolescent: 0.5-1 ml/kg/hr

    First: Obtain accurate wt. in kg
    Second: Measure urine output accurately.
    Third: Compute number of hours that patient voided the above amount of urine.
    Fourth: Use formula: Amt. of urine divided by wt. in kg
    divided by number of hours


    At the end of your 8 hours shift, your 10 kg infant voided 300cc. Is this sufficient urine output for this patient?

    cc = 300cc x 1 x 1 = 300 = 3.75 cc/kg/hr
    kg/hr 10kg 8hr 80

    This is sufficient urine output for this patient.