PDA's Helpful or not worth the effort???

  1. After doing a bit of research on the web I am interested in finding out how many REAL Nurses are utilizing PDA's in the work place, and what they are using them for.

    I am also looking for suggestions for software or nurses favorite programs.

    Which platform is better?? Windows or Palm??

    Disadvantages of using PDA's in the workplace.

    Are there hospitals that are forcing nurses to utilize PDA's or is it optional?

    I have currently just purchased my first PDA for Nursing and hope to see how well others have been able to work their PDA's into their daily routine or how they have gotten rid of them.

    I appreciate ANY information or input that anyone has to share!!!!!!

    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Leslie and welcome. I'm a real live nurse and I've used a PDA for about five years now. When I started, I was a staff RN in the ER and used ER Suite daily for RSI calculations. Now, as an APN, I use my smartphone daily also. Could live without it, but don't want to. It is so compact and does excactly what I need.
  4. by   DOBOY
    I work in the ER and find it's a quick way to look up drug info. Epocrates, the program I use, also contains formulas, lab values, and other features that tend to make life a little easier.
  5. by   randybayrn
    Just graduated RN school.......and hopefully just passed the NCLEX Monday. I used my PDA a lot through school. I have nursing central which is a bundle pack that includes drug/lab guide, medical dictionary and disease and diagnosis. I use it constantly and plan on continuing to use it in my work place as a NICU RN. I haven't picked up a drug guide in over a year, it is all at my fingertips. You also get updates to the software whenever they come up too. Hope that helps. Don't know about palm vs other. Mine uses windows and is a compaq. Several years old, but great.
  6. by   anticoagulationurse
    I had a PDA and used Epocrates also. It was a Palm. I found it very helpful for the drug info and dosage calculations and interaction checker. I also kept my work rolodex in it. Another co-worker had a program that I "beamed" over to mine, it was cool until I broke the PDA. THen, I started a job where we use computer charting and medical record, etc and wouldn't have a need for it anymore as I can just look stuff up online. If I ever go back to a job where the computer isn't right in front of me all day, I will definitely get another PDA.