Pay In Nursing!

  1. hi all!!
    i was just wondering what is the pay like in nursing. i wana knw from nurses who are from different countires so that i can move from nz and enjoy nursing somewhere else and plus get gud pay..i just wana go around and experience in different countries since im still a teenager....jst wana experience something different sticking to one place gets to boring.

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  3. by   rnhopeful
    hey devia! i'm not a RN, yet, but i've looked up a lot of the jobs. i'm interested in travel nursing, so that's basically what i've been looking at. for those positions, they post from $20 to $40 an hour. hour much do they pay in nz? i'm assuming you mean new zealand, right?
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  5. by   BSN/OncoNurse
    In the Midwestern United States the pay ranges from $20-35 US dollars per hour. Depending on location, experience, contracts with agencies etc.
  6. by   teeituptom
    sounds bout right to me.