Patient Safety at Risk/ Transfer to another job?

  1. I am an ICU nurse with a little over 1.5 years of a newer nurse. After working an hour and a half away from my home for over a year in a community hospital, I finally got hired in an ICU close to my home and started 2 months ago. The problem is that the intensivists' contract at my new hospital ended in January, so the hospitalists are managing the critical patients. Prior to my hire, many of the nurses employed there left the unit when they found out that the intensivists were leaving. I feel that this has created an unsafe situation with nurses new to the hospital system and hospitalists managing critical patients. At times, we either have no patients, only med/surg patients, or patients that I feel are unsafe to keep. I have even had to serve as charge nurse right off of my orientation. I don't feel ready for this role, and I feel that we are putting patients in danger.
    Would it be appropriate for me to apply for a transfer within the hospital system even this soon after my hire? There are several other locations within 30 minutes of my home.

    Addendum: And yes, there was an incident where a doctor prescribed a med. incorrectly, and a patient had to be intubated.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    What is your employer's policy? Many will not consider you for a transfer for at least six months to a year.
  4. by   Leafylane
    I have looked for a transfer policy and have not found one stating any time restraints. I am just afraid that it will look bad for me and my resume. I just really want to get out of this situation. I am afraid that I don't have the resources to properly take care of my patients.
  5. by   Leafylane
    I just looked again to make sure, and employees are allowed to transfer after 90 days of employment. So, I am almost there. Would this be a bad move for me or am I warranted in my concerns?
  6. by   QuietIsntAWord
    I think it would look good during an interview if you are allowed to explain yourself