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  1. Hey:

    I work at a rehab hospital and usually have to take 8 patients as part of my load. When I worked med/surg I only had to take 6.

    The day before I had to take 10. This really made me mad. I had several dressing changes to do as well as answer the call lights. To make a long story short, the quality of nsg. care that I was able to give was far below my personal acceptable standard. This pisses me off!!!

    Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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  3. by   lita1857
    SUBQ...I don't know a darn thing about what would be an acceptable work load for your clinical area but I sure did love and appreciate your direct comment...VERY refreshing!
  4. by   Mijourney
    Oh yes, those were the days. I recall serving as many as 14 medical-surgical patients on night shift. On day shift, I routinely served seven to eight patients. I even have had as many as four ICU patients at a time including ventilator dependent patients. I feel the impact of this from as far back as 13 or so years ago (my joints tell me). It probably explains why I don't even have a "mildly aching" desire to return to bedside nursing in the hospital setting. I feel this way despite the impending nursing shortage which should financially profit many a nurse.
  5. by   YADA-YADA
    You dont say if you are day, evenings or nights. Anyway used to work in rehab but on a vent floor: all had resp. issues several were on vents, and many were on precautions (MSRA, VRE). Days 5-7, evenings 7-8 and nocs up to 12.