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  1. hello everyone,
    I am new to public nursing, but I have practiced in a lot of different areas before this. My most recent frustration is trying to contact people. I have to make contact to follow up when someone is found to have a reportable disease i.e hepatitis c, chlamydia, pertussis,etc... Is it just me, or do these people always have disconnected phones? I am just venting. It must be like the murpy's law of nursing. You know, the ob patient with the longest birthplan will go for a section, the home health client requiring the most care lives in timbuktu on some hill......feel free to add more so I will know that its not just me!
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  3. by   MomNRN
    You are so right!

    Add to your list the number of parents who have disconnected phones/cell phones, no phone, incorrect phone number, or no emergency contacts. As a school nurse, it is sometimes imperative I reach parents immediately!

    You cannot believe the lengths I have gone to get a phone number or message to a parent.

    My favorite story: sick 10-yo boy, 103 fever, chills, looks terrible!
    No phone, no emergency contact, lives MILES away from school. Our special needs school serves many districts, so we had to contact a social worker at his home district who then went to grandma's house looking for mother. The parent never did show up! We had to send him home sick on the bus.

    He ended up with strep throat and a bilateral ear infection!

    It makes me so angry!
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Ouch! Now that is a terrible thing when a sick child must be held until the end of the day due to inability to contact the parents/family member.

    I know that when we do follow up calls on Ambulatory Surgery patients, we run into the same thing, even though they are active duty, dependants or retirees eligible for care. Wrong numbers, not inservice numbers and even those that give the wrong numbers deliberately....or the ones that you leave messages for and they never return the call. It is so very frusterating. But it seems like small beans compared to what a Home Health Nurse or a School Nurse must go through.