Patient advocate vs. Being Nosey - page 2

I have a current situation going on in my clinical rotation that I don't know how to handle. Here it is: I took care of Ms. Patient last week. She has a terminal illness and is weak. During my... Read More

  1. by   Batman24
    Quote from kukukajoo
    Is there a way that you could ask for an exception to help care for this pt? It really sounds like you are wanted and needed and may be comforting to the family and pt which is very important in end of life care.

    It sounds like you have developed the rapport that we all strive for and sometimes rules can be bent a little- as we know the pt comes first!

    I was hoping that could happen too. You obviously bring this woman great comfort in her time of need. I agree let them bend the rules a bit...that would be the compassionate and kind thing to do here.