patient acuity scoring

  1. Our institution has just started using the Van Slyke patient acuity system. We aren't very happy about it and we were informed that hospitals are successfully using this system all over the country. Is anyone else out there using this system? What do you think about it? Is it an accurate reflection of the acuity of a patient?
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  3. by   PeggyOhio
    Can you describe how it works. I haven't heard of it. They threw out the system we had at our hospital years ago and never replaced it. So basically we are not taking acuity into account at all.

    Is something better than nothing. Or is this just a clever ploy to justify understaffing?

    Van Slyke


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  4. by   prmenrs
    We are using an acuity system in our hospital, each unit sets it's own parameters. Obviously, NICU has vastly different needs than a medical floor, etc. I think, however, that the #'s are used more for long range budget planning than shift to shift staffing. We also can use it to justify another position, or temporary staffing like travelers. The assignment sheet, which documents how many 1:1,2:1, and 3:1 (babies to nurse) assignments we have is being used @ present to document the need for a dedicated Pharmacologist for our unit, because it is indicative of how sick our pts are. If that system isn't working for you it may need to be "tweeked" -- usually the people who sold it to you want it to work and will help do that with you. Document specific discrepancies for your nursing managers. A good acuity system helps the DON SHOW the financial folks what nurses do, and why it takes more nurses than they think it does!!
  5. by   Zee_RN
    I attended a demonstration of Van Slycke's accuity system...didn't like it! Our parent facility (it's not in our budget yet) opted for Quadramed, a windows-based system.
  6. by   Barbara Rose
    The problem with any system is how it is used in each facility. Since each facility and floor is different, the acuity system should just be part of the procedure for staffing, not the entire program. And, each unit should have input along with each shift since needs are different. Of course, I haven't found any facility that uses a system like this yet. Anyone working at one that consistently utilizes staff nurses on the units to set staffing ratios?