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  1. Hello there everyone,

    I am currently in a BSN program at Molloy and will be graduating with my BSN Spring 2020. Very exciting. However, my end goal is to be a CRNA and I'm very aware of the long road I have ahead of me. I have become familiar with the enormous change that has taken place where as of 2025 you will need a doctorate to become a CRNA. Now here is my main question. Will I need a DNP or a DNAP to be a CRNA? I've read several forms that it's either or but I need a concrete answer so I know what I need to be aiming for. Also to enter the appropriate doctorate degree to be a CRNA, what masters degree should I pursue specifically since there will no longer be anymore specializing in anesthesia? Please help! I know its early in the game, but I like to prepare as early as possible to limit any reasons why I could be denied entrance to my dream program.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   malenurse69
    You're jumping the gun a bit. Get some quality ICU experience and get your CCRN first, then worry about CRNA school. You'd be surprised where life might lead you
  4. by   Turkeylips
    Get as good of grades as you can as you work on your BSN. Shoot for straight As. Then get a job in an ICU and work towards obtaining your CCRN and any other certifications you can as well as joining any councils at your place of employment. I am a bit confused when you say there will no longer be anymore specializing in anesthesia. The anesthesia programs require a BSN to apply, not a doctorate. The anesthesia program itself is where you will earn the doctorate. The way things are currently, some anesthesia programs are masters and some are doctorates. But you do not need that level of education to be accepted into a program. I hope that helps clear things up!