Patch Adams

  1. Do you know anyone like him?
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  3. by   MitziK
    I wish. I do know one doc that prays with some of his pts, I think it's pretty cool.
  4. by   suzannasue
    Know of NO MD's who allow themseves the luxury of being seen as human,having a sense of humor. Work in a rurual area where the docs are worshipped and they are way too eager to accept the title of "God". Would love to work with Patch. Contacted his "Gesundheit" operation and was told they have enough help in the buiding of the "Gesundheit Institute" but would accept donations, wrote a check, got my own "clown nose"!!!!!!
  5. by   jimminy
    We had one in our area (retired now). He was the most gentle, compassionate, loving doctor I have ever met. There was none of the "God complex" at all. No matter who you talked to, they knew this doctor, and would always smile when his name was mentioned. My family was soooo sad when he retired. Yes, he had a private practice, but provided free care to many that noone ever knew about except a few. Sniff. However, he did not have a clown nose! (if a child wanted him to wear one, I know he would have in a heart beat)
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Worked with a pulmonologist in early eighties who wrote an order to take patient off vent every four hours for 4 puffs of cigarette via trach as panic anxiety from cigarette withdrawl was worse! Finally able to wean patient off vent. Wise, quiet, compasionate and practicle minus Patches humor....found that in one Resident during same time period.

    Gee only TWO Docs in 25 years of practice, not a good sign ....and no one in the last ten can compare.