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    Would this give you the feeling that the Russians mean business? Villages sealed off, police going door to door, over 5000 people tested:

    UK workers laid off at Bernard Matthews:
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    Dr. Greger - Pandemic Update - Feb 2007
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    Encouraging news about Mohammed Ahmed Soliman. He is only 5 years old.
    He has avian flu, but he looks alert in this photo. All of the other cases in Egypt for this season have died.
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    A collection of pandemic videos and commentary from Avian Flu Diary:
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    Another suspected death in Indonesia:
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    Excellent news from Egypt, the 5 year old bird flu victim has recovered and is going home. I am wondering if his age has protected him somehow. If cytokine storm is a contributing factor in the death of most of the victims, and these cases are not the typical ages of seasonal flu victims which this child is, than perhaps this is a factor in his recovery. This is just speculation on my part, but I am very, very happy that he is going home, and that the case fatality rate is no longer 100% for the current flu season in Egypt.
    The upside to global warming:
    Hong Kong represents the "gold standard" in avian flu surveillance, but really, can you blame them considering the location?
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    Kuwait finds H5N1 in the bird population for the first time since 2005:

    Laos, possible human case, in a 15 year old girl, who "did not play with chickens":
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    The SARS Scare, a Cautionary Tale of Emerging Disease Caught in the Act, from Harvard Magazine
    (hat tip Fluwiki)

    This is a very well written article on SARS, and for the most part, the scientific explanations are easily understandable. It is an amazing, but true story. There are, of course, implications for the future.
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    Vietnam - Bird Flu Returns
    It seems that once it happens, no matter how many times you attempt to wipe it out, it always returns. Perhaps this is how it will always be, and we should just get used to it. I wish that these countries would stop declaring themselves, birdflu free. It seems to be like a bad luck charm.

    Again in Turkey:


    Russia (hat tip PIF/monotreme)
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    More info on the human case in Laos. Laotian officials kept the info quiet for over a week, then they said that it was flu, but they could only confirm that the type was H5. What they did not say, is this, there is no other kind of H5 flu that effects humans but H5N1! The girl has bird flu. Just say it already!
    Countries sure hate to admit that the disease is present whether it's in wild birds, poultry, or God forbid, humans.
    (hat tip P4P/rick)
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    they don't tell the truth because of the loss of domestic birds but this is foolish because the flocks are doomed qnyway and if the virus will have a chance to strength and mutate if something isn't done quickly
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    A Canadian seaman, who had been complaining of flu like symptoms was on a ship at Portsmouth harbor in New Hampshire. The paramedics found him unconscious with no pulse, and performed CPR, but he died. They wore protective face masks.

    I am not saying H5N1, obviously, but I still think that it is odd. I have been hearing about people in their forties lately, in the hospital with flu and no prior existing conditions.
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    The FDA will probably declare the current experimental bird flu vaccine as safe. Too bad it may not be effective.

    No bird flu in Iran, so don't even think of saying it:

    The Chinese are downplaying a report by the very famous, Dr. Zhong, their leading expert. Who should we believe, Zhong or the Chinese government? Let's think about this...
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