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    Waiting for the light to change

    Have you had your say yet? Everyone is invited to participate on the Dept of HHS blog on pandemic influenza. There have been some nurses that have posted about their very real concerns regarding our heathcare facilities lack of preparation. There have been many other citizens, world citizens as well as US citizens voicing their suggestions, and what they see as problems that need to be solved. This is government at its best, seeking input from the people. Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem? This is about your future and your family. What would you ask HHS? Do you still think that Americans are immune to a 1918 type of pandemic?
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    Rebecca Patton, President, American Nurses Association, just posted a blog at the new HHS Pandemic Flu Blog.

    Please join the conversation. We need all of you.
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    Goju, you beat me to it.

    Please, all you concerned nurses go to HHS site and voice concerns or questions.
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    Thanks so much, Goju!

    We have been waiting on a position statement from the nurses union in California, but it will not be available until August. I am glad to see that the ANA has taken a stand.

    We need strong leadership whether it is from the unions or from individual nurses that are willing to make a difference. We can not afford to waste any time wringing our hands in dismay. We are not helpless, but we do need to prepare ourselves as a profession and as individuals. There is much that needs to be accomplished.

    Here is a permalink that takes you directly to the ANA statement:
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    It's time that someone representing nursing took a stand and began to support pandemic preparedness. Locally the County is actively prepping in conjunction with FD's, police agencies and others, and the news is carried in the local media. Our hospital, however, has done nothing. Apparently we'll be able to recognize the symptoms and get the patients to the hospital, but once there..... Maybe there will be healthcare workers to aid them, maybe not.

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    British authorities identify 4 human cases of bird flu, but it's H7N2. Though considered to be less dangerous than say a virus like H5N1, they will still be treated with Tamiflu.
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    More cases in Wales:

    Quote from
    LONDON: Four more people have fallen ill after being in contact with farmworkers or poultry affected by a strain of bird flu in north Wales, British health authorities said Saturday.
    The new suspected cases come a day after seven people tested positive for the H7N2-type virus-a far milder form of bird flu than the deadly H5N1 strain.
    The Health Protection Agency, which is an independent body, said all the new cases had symptoms which included conjunctivitis and had direct contact with sick poultry or farmworkers confirmed to have contracted H7N2.
    The H7 subtype of bird flu is believed to be less virulent than H5 but has sickened humans in the past, notably in the Netherlands in 2003, when one person died following a H7 outbreak.
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    Post deleted due to problems associated with the comments section. It is too bad because some of the science was really interesting.
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    Pupils and teacher offered Tamiflu in Wales:
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    Why we should be concerned about the recent bird flu infections in Wales even though it is not H5N1:

    If this is not clear to anyone, please say so, and I'll try to explain this more simply.
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    80 People Treated with Tamiflu in Wales for H7N2 infection:

    If there is H5N1 in wild birds in the area, then this situation is worrisome due to the possibility
    of dual infections in the same host, and the chance of H5N1 picking up the ability to
    become more easily transmissible from a recombination with H7N2.
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