Palm TX or Palm T5?

  1. I'm planning to buy PDA next week but still can't make up my mind. Is palm t/x better than T5?
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  3. by   flashpoint
    I love my TX...don't really know much about the T5, so I can't really say if it is better or not. The TX has a lot of memory, which is good, the colors are really vibrant, it is fast, the charge lasts a long time (I play games a lot, so I have to charge it a couple of times a week, but I have a friend who uses hers for business only and she charges it about once a month), it has good sound if you want to use it as an MP3, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, easy to navigate, built in on screen keyboard...
  4. by   mjpa28
    tnx cotjockey, that partially clears my mind.
  5. by   clee1
    I have the TX; a classmate has the T5.

    Both are fine devices - and the T5 will do most tasks just fine - but the TX is worth the additional $$$ if you want/need the additional bells and whistles.

    Either choice would be a good one.
  6. by   flashpoint
    I like the bells and whistles!
  7. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from clee1
    Both are fine devices - and the T5 will do most tasks just fine - but the TX is worth the additional $$$ if you want/need the additional bells and whistles.
    For what I wanted, the T5 has more than the TX. The T5 has 256M internal memory, the TX 128M. The T5 is faster with a 416MHz processor, the TX runs a 312MHz and both are Intel chips. The T5 does not come with Wi-Fi built in, but an additional card can be purchased as an addon (I'm going to be selling mine back on Ebay). Wi-Fi is built in with the TX. I have yet to see the need to do Wi-Fi on a PDA, but I suppose some people do and this was an issue for some against the T5.

    I have the T5 and I bought the TX for my girlfriend. Both are very fine and either would be good choices to run any software. They are both capable and fast. The T5 model has been discontinued and the TX is the follow up model, but other than the abovementioned changes they are essentially the same device (yeah, there are a few other minor differences but this is a short post). :wink2:

    Also, neither has a true "onboard keyboard" but both have the same "onscreen keyboard."


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  8. by   edwards1a
    I have a T5 and love it , my friend has the Tx and loves it both do the same thing
  9. by   melsch
    I have a TX and love it, BUT, get the extended warranty. I got mine as a replacement for my Sony Clie, (on extended warranty), when it kept dying on me, and now I am having problems with the digitizer on my TX. Considering my experience with my well used palms, I don't really know if there are any out there that are not fool proof as far as durability. The only PDA that I have never had problems with is my Handspring Visor and they don't make them anymore either. Usually I would say that extended warranty is a rip off, but if you use your palm lots it can save you as well.

    The TX has lots of memory and you can add more with a memory card, and I love the wi-fi option. It is also fast and I have had very few software problems.

    Check out forums for problems people have had with both palms, lot of good info on this site

    good luck with you decision

  10. by   Silverdragon102
    I love my TX but have a look here lots of stuff on PDA's etc