Palm programs

  1. I am looking for useful programs to download to my palm pilot. If anyone knows of any please let me know.
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  3. by   luckyduck
    You can find many free and also programs to purchase at
  4. by   Mary Dover
    Be very careful with it. I accidentally dropped mine (while in its' really nice leather case), and now it's shot. The little screen broke and being as touch sensitive as they are, most everything's all messed up now. I do have eProcrates (which I could still get to work a little bit with a lot of manipulation with the stylus) and lots of other things that were useful nursing tools. Just search any engine for free sites to download from. You'll likely find several.
    Enjoy it.
  5. by   AmandaDawn

    Just a few of the Free programs for Nsg and medical profession...I've researched a little but haven't brought a PDA yet
  6. by   finallyRN
    Also if you go to or and go to the software pages you can find cheap or free programs
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    good games,etc at
  8. by   nursejws
    Why do nurses carry a palm pilot?
  9. by   finallyRN
    If your looking for a drug program you can go to It is free and a good program.
  10. by   suzannasue
    The above mentioned sites are where my PP programs came's really neat-o, although I am not a gadget freak...hubby sets the alarms on his to let him know when it's time to give meds...ummm...I asked him "what about looking at your watch?"...but then again he is a gadget freak...
    nursejws...mine has a program for calculating drips which comes in handy for me since I cannot claim to be a math wiz in the best of situations much less when under stress such as in emergent situations...not every pt 's weight falls neatly into a kg category that can be found on our pre-fabbed drip charts...then there is my med formulary program that helps me determine if the symptoms a pt is displaying may be the result of know of whom I speak...those who arrive with grocery bags full of meds,all prescribed to handle the symptom they were diplaying at whatever point in time...also helps when you discover the pt has been MD/pharmacy hopping and the primary MD does not have a clue as to why they are presenting with such bizarre sypmtoms...and with so many people using herbs...this program gives vital information regarding interactions/contraindications...
    Yeah, we have the PDR at the nurse's station and a wide variety of nurses med reference manuals,but this thing is in my pocket...
    sorta handy,even if I am not a gadget oriented person.
  11. by   Andy S.
    I just got a program the other night called MedCalc, it will calculate drip rates, Qtc's, preg wheel, all kinds of stuff. I'd beam it to ya, but........... LOL Epocrates is good, but it doesn't have like administration times and stuff like that. But it makes a really good quick reference.

    Good luck!
  12. by   ageless
    on my palm:
    ACLS protocols
    ABG decoder
    doser (IV drip program)
    palm EKG
    note it
    My Bible

    And various other programs...all freeware/shareware!