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I would first like to say "hello" to everyone here at allnurses!!! I am excited to be a new member! So, my first question on this site to everyone is "Do you get paid to precept new grads?" Many... Read More

  1. by   leslymill
    This is a great post because I am going to hunt down a hospital with a preceptor in a few days to complete my nurse refresher course. Since I am working for $8.00/hr retail part-time, I would be more than willing to pay for a preceptor myself. I would hope that I would get the same person for the whole 80 hrs I need though. I would hope they had attended a preceptor course and loved to teach and precept though.

    In my state the average pay for a nurse is $27.00/hr. Nationally the lowest pay for an RN is $16.00/hr. I don't think it is unreasonable to give a precept comprable compensation. After my refresher course I will have a 2 year probation period with my BON. Because of this I want to ask a question.

    Is it unreasonable for me to ask a hiring facility that is considering me, (I have 22 yrs experience in all hospital settings) to forfeit some of my pay to a "precepting" or supervising RN? Say even up to $8.00/hr.
    If there is a sign-on bonus, is it unreasonable to offer it the a "precepting" or supervising RN in return for the 2 year employment it would take for me to get a non-probated license.? I have been out of nursing with a probated license for 4 years, because I don't think it is fair to burden an employee with the paperwork and legal issue that they are required to fill out when hiring me. Sure the monthly supervisor report is a short downloadable form, but it does take skill.
    If anyone sees something wrong with what I am suggesting I would love to hear. Do you think a HR department would even consider giving a sign-on bonus to a supervising RN? Can they subtract hourly wage if I agree to it, or will it be seen as unethical?