Pa. State Regs ???

  1. Hello all, I am a pediatric nurse in a trach/vent facility in Bucks County, Pa. I am looking to open my own facility. Does anyone know where I would be able to locate the state regulations for such an adventure? I have looked online at the codes of Pa, but nothing is specific. I believe the place where I work is run under a home care license, but because of the acuity of care I am not sure. That's where I would need to see the specific regulations. I don't think my employer would be too happy to answer my questions. Any ideas/advice/suggestions are welcome Thanks heather
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  3. by   nurseofalltrades
    Could you contact your state office? Our facility is run by DPW for example.Maybe they could direct you to the proper office....Just a thought!
  4. by   Heather725 RN
    I thought of that as well, if I don't find it on my own I will give the Pa. state board of Nursing a call. It certainly can't hurt anything
  5. by   PANurseRN1
    Did you contact the PA DOH?