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Blunder Leaves Woman Awake for Surgery Mon Jun 30, 9:00 AM ET Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo! VIENNA (Reuters) - A woman lay awake during surgery for 45 minutes, unable to move or call... Read More

  1. by   jemb
    Originally posted by P_RN
    I bet she will still be charged for the surgery.

    Put it on a credit card and then dispute the charges for anesthesia....

    I hope she had a few choice words for the staff that didn't notice!
  2. by   CraftyLPN
    Got a little horror story of my own..... While going in for the gastric bypass... I remember waking up during surgery....I could hear the nurses and doc talking and the anthesiologist....I started to shake my head no... Thank God I felt no pain and the Anth. saw that i had woken up...............
  3. by   jnette
    Originally posted by lissagirl
    OH my gosh! Thats incredibly shocking. Is it the US that the discovery show was talking about or all places in general.
    Sooo shocked
    It was here in the good ol' US, lissagirl.. every one of them. Happens anywhere. Scary thought, huh?
  4. by   ShelleyERgirl
    That is horrible! Can you imagine having the eye surgery and actually seeing the scapel coming at your eye and being unable to stop it? Man, someone would be paying me some serious dinero! Ewww, makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

    I have a seizure disorder and I once had to be intubated as I went into resp arrest. I remember waking up from the Versed(?) and being aware of everything but not being able to move anything and with the ET tube down my throat. That was one of the scariest things I have ever been through and I would definitely not wish that on anyone well... maybe an ex-boyfriend but that's another thread...