Osages to the Rescue

  1. harrison shackelford, the osage nation maintenance director, grabs a case of water out of a truck as he and other tribal employees and volunteers unload relief supplies in pawhuska, okla.dawn haney/osage news

    pawhuska, okla.--the osage nation came to the aid of hundreds of families without power dec. 9, after an ice storm hit oklahoma, making national headlines.
    the ice storm started the night of dec. 8 and continued for two days, hitting the southern part of osage county with an estimated inch to an inch and a half of ice and the northern part of the county with a half-inch of ice, said craig sullivan, meteorologist for the national weather service.
    osage tribal officials held an emergency relief meeting the next day as calls from friends and relatives of those who lost power poured in to the tribe's offices, said paula stabler, osage nation communications officer.
    hardest hit were the osage county communities of skiatook, avant, osage and prue.
    "this was the worst power outage in oklahoma's history, but we consider ourselves lucky with this storm," said osage nation principal chief jim gray. "the power lines and trees were down over most of the reservation, but the roads were clear and pawhuska city limits kept its power.
    "our people are tired, but they responded immediately and were glad to help."

    entire article: http://www.reznetnews.org/article/news/osages-rescue
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  3. by   vetnrse
    Thanks again Thunderwolf for this link. Ive seen reznetnews before,but forgot the name. I send these links to everyone so they can see for themselves about the forgotton people who are suffering terribly.