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  1. I start my new position as a GN next week. I would like any tips you care to pass along for organizing your day and accommodating the constant changes and details that crop up. Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, congratulations on the new job.

    Now for the good stuff................The closest that I used to get to the floor would be working a tele unit with up to 4 patients. So this is based on that and you can modify as needed.
    1. Get report from nurse.
    2. Check for any early meds, such as before breakfast, insulins, NPO patients, etc.
    3. Grab linens from cart, and place a set by each patient, usually on the chair. Check to make sure that IVs are infusing properly, and that patient is breathing. Do not wake patient at this point if they are still sleeping.
    (If you have a CNA with you, they will be quite happy that you are also helping them)
    4. Now go and wake your first patient. Get your assessment done, possilby a cup of coffee for them, and get htem set up to get washed up. If they are able to dangle their legs, great---- let them start what they can, and you can get their back, etc. Then assist them up to the chair for breakfast.
    Bed gets made while they are up..................Then repeat with each of the following patients that you have assigned.
    5. Chart morning assessments.
    6. AM meds given. Now you have gotten assessments, baths, and beds done. Makes your day much easier for any emergencies or problems that may occur. and something always does.

    Hope that this helps.................I just like to begin my day organized, of course, it doesn't always last that way.....but at least I have given it my best shot.
  4. by   J Lynn
    That's pretty good. I like reading how other nurses organize their day.